Kodak Alaris’ ‘Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions for Business’

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Kodak Alaris, the document scanner and information management spin-off company from the old Kodak film company, made a significant announcement yesterday regarding “Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions for Business”.

The once nearly entire scanner hardware company is slowly, yet deliberately, making the transition into a software and solutions organization.  As it relates to Artificial Intelligence, in particular, they announced a software platform called Info Insight a few years ago.  I’m going to drastically oversimplify this solution, however basically the promise of this platform was to be an information collection system that Intelligently understands this ingested information and then final do-something-with this information based on the understanding of content, so or like a human would do.  In other words, collect > understand > route is the concept, and hopefully completely automated.

There are millions of use case scenarios where humans do exactly what I described in the workflow concept in the above paragraph. Imagine is an Artificial Intelligence platform can improve efficiency even a small percentage through automation?  This is worth billions, if not trillions, of dollars of business value to organizations of all sizes.  This is clearly the vision Kodak Alaris hopes to achieve with Info Insight.

News yesterday indicates that Kodak Alaris is stepping up their game in an even more serious and tangible way on their strategy around Artificial Intelligence.  Kodak Alaris announced a new business group called, AI Foundry.  It sounds as if the sole purpose for this business is to focus on Info Insight. The complete press release news article is below:


For your convenience we wanted to pick-out some of the highlights:

  • Kodak Alaris today announced the creation of AI Foundry, a business dedicated to helping organizations process and learn from structured and unstructured data through the use of proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
  • According to IDC, unstructured communications and related content – email, pictures, instant messages, documents, and other formats – account for 90% of all digital information.
  • AI Foundry was established to harness the power of artificial intelligence to understand amorphous data and provide smarter ‘context aware’ information management.” [Steve Butler, general manager of AI Foundry]
  • Artificial Intelligence based solutions are especially powerful when used to understand customer communications and take action—whether responding to an inquiry, building a knowledge base, or kicking off a workflow process. By adopting this new wave in technology, organizations can deliver more accurate responses on the first interaction, reduce handling times, minimize transaction costs, and increase staff productivity.
  • According to a report by Forrester Research2, AI is evolving fast in this decade, and it will become part of the daily engagement of customers with computers, devices, wearables, and systems we interact with to get tasks done, get answers, get support in making decisions, and automate repetitive actions.
    • 2Artificial Intelligence Can Finally Unleash Your Business Applications’ Creativity, Forrester Research, February 2015

ArtificialIntelligenceIsAFad.com is hatched!

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There is great talk of the promise for Artificial Intelligence to greatly enhance people’s lives, improve business process and make the world an overall better place by ‘thinking computers’.

ArtificialIntelligenceIsAFad.com is part of the IsAFad.com family of sarcastic websites on various topics.  Artificial Intelligence, obviously, is not a fad but we are still in the early days of thinking about how to apply such powerful tools.  Also, the technology itself is in early days.  So the technology will have to evolve but, without a doubt, cheaper and nearly unlimited computing power in ‘the cloud’ gives innovative developers the most fantastic platform ever to create interesting and useful applications for Artificial Intelligence.

This website will be a collection of comments on news articles, some creative ideas how to apply Artificial Intelligence as well as a lot of fun stuff, with extreme sarcasm, of course.  We invite your participation whether you would like to become a guest blogger, contribute some comments or join our newsletter.