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There is great talk of the promise for Artificial Intelligence to greatly enhance people’s lives, improve business process and make the world an overall better place by ‘thinking computers’. is part of the family of sarcastic websites on various topics.  Artificial Intelligence, obviously, is not a fad but we are still in the early days of thinking about how to apply such powerful tools.  Also, the technology itself is in early days.  So the technology will have to evolve but, without a doubt, cheaper and nearly unlimited computing power in ‘the cloud’ gives innovative developers the most fantastic platform ever to create interesting and useful applications for Artificial Intelligence.

This website will be a collection of comments on news articles, some creative ideas how to apply Artificial Intelligence as well as a lot of fun stuff, with extreme sarcasm, of course.  We invite your participation whether you would like to become a guest blogger, contribute some comments or join our newsletter.